Print correctly in Excel without cutting the table

When working with tables that have many columns, you may encounter problems when printing in Excel. Most commonly your table is cut and not all columns are printed on the same sheet.

In this post, we are going to see how to print in Excel without cutting the table to be able to visualize all the data in the same sheet.

Go to print view

To see how Excel configures by default the printing of your table you have two options:

Go to File → Print.
Use the key combination CTRL + P

In both cases, it takes you to the print view where you can see how your table will be printed. At the bottom, you can see the number of pages your table will print on.

If your table has enough columns, probably not all of them will appear on the first page shown. Let’s see how to fix this.

Set up Excel printing

There is a section in Excel where you can easily configure what is printed on each of the pages, you can find it in:

Tab View, on the left in the menu Book Views click on View Salt. Page

When the option to see page breaks is activated, you can see what will be printed, delimited by a blue line. You will also see other blue dashed lines that delimit the breaks between pages. In the centre of each of the divisions, you will see the page number on which it will be printed.

To print the full width of your table without cutting, place your mouse over the blue dotted line, when the mouse icon changes to ↔ click and drag to the right to the edge, to remove that division.

Press CTRL + P to go to the print view. The number of pages to print will be reduced and now the entire width of the table is displayed on the same page.

Modify the printing margins in Excel

In the print view itself, you can change the width of the margins that delimit your table. In the lower right corner click on the Show Margins icon.

Lines that delimit the margins are shown. Place your mouse over the line you want to modify and when you change the mouse icon to scroll, click and drag to increase or decrease the margins.

If you increase the printing area and your table does not adapt to the new space, in the next point we will explain to you how to solve it.

Make the table occupy the whole sheet

By increasing the limit of your margins it is possible that the board will align to the left and not occupy all the space.

To fix this, go back to Excel. Go to the Page Layout tab, within the Adjust Print Area tool group, and in the Width, drop-down choose option 1 page.

If you return to the print view, even if you modify the margins, the width of the table will always adapt to the space you delimit.

Print column titles on each page

If your table is long and printed on several sheets, you will need the column titles that only appear on the first sheet to be repeated on each of them.

We explain step by step how to do it in the tutorial to repeat titles in all the sheets of impression.

In a quick way, in the Page Layout tab, within Print titles, you can configure it.

Insert page numbers when printing in Excel

Another option that will give a much more professional look to the printing of your tables is to include the page number in the sheets.

In the tutorial, we explain step by step how to do it.

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