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Excel has an infinite number of functions, some more complex and others simpler. But the difficulty in executing a function has nothing to do with its usefulness. And as an example, we show you the Link function, which allows you to link files from Excel to access them directly.

How does this function work?
What this function allows is that clicking on the text of an Excel cell automatically opens the file that is linked. You can link a large number of files; Word documents, images, pdf, notes and almost any file you need to link.

Link function utilities
If you have reached this post you probably already have thought about what you need to use this function for. But if you think a little bit you will surely find many more applications to this function.

Excel is widely used to collect information and display it in an orderly and grouped, but many times you may need to see the origin of that information.

As an example, we have used a register of issued invoices. In the registration table, we incorporate the basic data to keep the accounting, but if you need to see for example the number of items invoiced you would have to look for the document of the invoice and open it to be able to see that data. With the link function, you only have to click on the invoice registration number to open it automatically.

How to use the Link function in Excel
Its use is very simple:

Click on the cell you want to link to the file.
Go to the Insert tab and go to the Link option. You can also access it by right-clicking on the cell and selecting the Link option or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K.
A window will open, find the location of the file you want to link, select it and press OK.
Notice that the text that contained the cell has changed and now appears in blue and underlined, indicating that that cell is linked to a file.

If the cell was empty, the text of the path to the linked file will appear in blue and underlined.

Clicking on the cell will open the linked document automatically.

How to delete a link
Removing a link is as easy as creating it. All you have to do is right-click on the cell containing the link and click on the remove hyperlink option.

Tips to keep the links working
Keep in mind that if you move the file you linked to a location by clicking on the cell, an error message will appear because it can’t find the file.

Our recommendation is that the files should always be in the same relative position with respect to the Excel sheet that contains the links.

That is to say, it is ideal to have in a folder Excel sheet and within that same folder other folders (folder x, y, z…) with the linked files. Clicking on the Excel link will search in the location of the Excel sheet for a folder with the given name and inside the linked file.

You could copy the Excel sheet and folders to another location and the links will continue to work as long as the Excel sheet and folders containing the files maintain the same relative position.

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