Keys for proper maintenance of your motorcycle tires

Every good biker knows that, regardless of whether your bike or scooter is new or second-hand, more expensive or cheaper, more or less powerful, rigorous maintenance is essential. Not only because the motorcycle will last longer, but also because we will reduce the possibility of having an accident, a fall or being left in the middle of nowhere. Within these tasks of continuous surveillance from, without a doubt, one of the most important points is the tires.

It is striking that, being a very simple task, many motorists overlook this point, more so if we consider that it is the wheels that, so to speak, ‘tie’ us to the ground. In that sense, to check the condition of the tires you don’t need to go to a specialized workshop. At least, not in principle. You will only need some minimum knowledge, your ability to observe and be consistent.

Take a close look at your tires

Bend over and observe. This is, in our opinion, the first key to keeping a tire in perfect condition. You must check both wheels visually periodically – professionals talk about at least once a month – to certify the level of wear they may have.

Look carefully at the wear indicators

To find out the wear rate of a tire you only have to look at the ratings or indicators that the different manufacturers include in the design. If you look at the tread pattern, specifically inside the grooves (also called water evacuation grooves), you will see small rubber bumps about 1 millimetre high.

When these marks are aligned with the tread or directly blurred it means that, to a greater or lesser extent, they are rubbing against the asphalt, and therefore the life of the tire is over. It is your job to replace it, because if you keep using it, you will run a serious risk as it will give you problems of efficiency and safety.

Check the pressure regularly

Another very important aspect regarding tires is to periodically check their pressure. It also depends on the intensity of use you make of your bike, but once a month and, in addition, a more thorough check each time you undertake a long journey are the minimum recommended.

The ideal is to do this operation in cold. A simple calculation could be to get to the gas station, refuel, pay and go to the pressure machine. About 10 minutes will have passed and the air inside the wheels will be at room temperature.

The proper pressure is indicated by the manufacturer of each vehicle, even though on the Internet you will find millions of articles about the supposed benefits of going with a little more or less pressure in the tires. If you choose to ride with the pressure under or above what it touches, you have all the ballots to make the bike flush, bounce or even difficult to control.

On the other hand, think that, in the case of a scooter, it is the rear that supports all the weight of the engine, the rider and the passenger. Therefore, in this type of motorcycles -and especially in maxiscooters, with a relatively small diameter wheel but that supports a lot of weight- it is vital to make sure that the pressure of the rear wheel is optimal. We know it can be uncomfortable and messy, but it’s good for your safety, so get to work and don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty.

Finally, our opinion on inflating the tires with nitrogen, instead of normal air, is that the differential we can obtain is practically negligible. In theory, nitrogen is a somewhat more stable gas than air and can contribute to keeping pressures at the desired optimal level both when hot and when cold. However, in practice, the air we breathe is composed of 78% nitrogen. To give you an idea, even the Moto GP teams use normal air.

Speaking of races and circuits, it is worth mentioning that, due to performance, demands and situations of high continuous regime, this type of competition motorcycles are governed by pressure parameters completely different from those of the street. These instructions, so to speak, are only applicable on the circuit and should never be imitated on the road. Even if we are expert and fast riders, we will most probably end up putting our safety, that of our bike and that of the rest of the road users, at risk.

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