Inventory Control

The Excel Stock Control template is used to keep track of purchases and sales of products or inputs. It allows you to keep track of suppliers, customers, revenues and expenditures and automatically show the balance of your inventory.
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Characteristics of the template
Allows products to be entered by code
Allows one-time access to suppliers and customers
It has a movement sheet to detail the purchases and sales.
Issues a report of stock balance per open day by product or input and variety.

Stock Control
Stock control is a process that seeks to have visibility of how many products (or inputs) are available each time they are bought and sold (or used) at the time I am consulting.

The main purpose is to avoid that there is a shortage of products or inputs and that this generates an impact on sales. For this reason, stock control is considered a fundamental task in any type of business, large or small. Additionally, knowing the stock balances and movements helps to detect if there have been thefts, fraudulent manoeuvres or mishandling of products so that we can take action and correct these involuntary deviations.

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