How to insert emojis in Excel ??

Emojis are already part of our way of writing. We could say that we love emojis. Surely you use them daily in your social networks and why not use them also in Excel? Surely they give a different touch to your spreadsheets. In this tutorial, we teach you how to insert emojis in Excel and how to introduce emojis in your formulas.

How to insert emojis in Excel?

In order to insert emoticons in Excel, you must first have a keyboard that shows you the emojis. But don’t look for emoticons on your physical keyboard. There are two ways to visualize the emojis on the screen and choose the one you like the most.

Using the Windows 10 On-Screen Keyboard

The virtual keyboard of Windows 10 has a section of emojis in which you can visualize them. You will find the same sections that appear on the keyboard of your smartphone.

In this link, we show you how to activate the Windows on-screen keyboard.

To insert an emoticon just place the mouse cursor in the cell where you want to insert it and then select the emoticon with the mouse on the Windows virtual keyboard.

Show emoticons with a keyboard shortcut

Another way to visualize the emojis is to press the key combination Windows +.

A pop-up window will appear in which all the emotions are represented. At the bottom of the window you can choose the section and with the mouse, roulette sees all that is available to insert.

The procedure for inserting them in Excel is the same as in the previous case. Place the mouse cursor over the cell, press the key combination Windows + . and in the window click on the Emoji you want to insert.

Change the size of emojis in Excel

If you want to change the size of an Emoji the procedure is identical to changing the size of a text.

Select the emoticon you want to resize.

Go to the Home tab and under Font increase or decrease the font size.
Note that increasing the size of the Emoji will also increase the size of the cell.

Insert emojis in Excel formulas

You can also insert emoticons in Excel formulas. So that the program does not throw you any error it is advisable that you write the function in the bar of formulas. The emojis, as well as the text, must be enclosed in quotation marks in the function.

An example formula of use with the formula SI with emojis would be like this:


As you have checked if you have Windows 10 you can easily insert emoticons.

What to do if you have Windows 7

In order to review the list of emojis, you have to click on Start and then search for “Character Map”.

Once there, select the font “Segoe UI Emoji”, so that at the bottom are displayed all the symbols available on your device, choose the one you like, and below where it says Characters to copy, click on Select and from the text box you can copy and paste it into any program.

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